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Guest Blogging and Link Building Using A SEO Agency
Date Added: January 11, 2015 03:50:33 AM
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Guest Blogging and Link Building Using A SEO Agency

Author: Lennon Causer

There are a lot of different pieces to the puzzle of internet marketing. If you are one of the many people that believes the opposite, you may find yourself in a convoluted state. Many people see marketing as one sided, or part of a very limited appeal. You will not be able to gain leverage if that\'s all you think about in consideration of the marketing that you need to work within. In fact, you could even look online for blogs and tutorials on how to go about moving forward within this landscape, and if you chase it right, you will find yourself dealing with a variety of issues. Most often, you are going to get hit with a lot of conjecture and ideas that just don\'t make sense. Whether you like it or not, you will need to eventually hand over the reins of your marketing plan to a professional service provider. Without the help of a SEO agency, you are going to see your rank plummet.
Along the money different pieces of that an internet company will provide, you will see that they will focus on the world of guest blogging and link building. These two pieces are two of the many elements that you need to work on in order to gain leverage online. You cannot gain any sort of leverage if you just focus on these two, as it is part of a bigger picture. If you\'re not really sure what that means, consider the following exploration of how this works.

Guest Blogging:

When you\'re building any type of website, a blog becomes a standard that you will need to factor into the movement forward. You absolutely need to work on guest blogging in time. It\'s not something that you need to do on day one, but on day 300 of your site, absolutely. That\'s something that you will absolutely need to focus on after some time. Without that, you will have an island of sorts, with no new visitors coming to your page at all.

Hiring a SEO agency will help you get onto sites that you would normally not get into. The posts that are crafted and published on other people\'s sites will serve two major purposes:

  • Self Promotion – The ultimate conclusion of posting these things is to get a bit of self-promotion. Promoting your website and getting links to go your way can build a bridge online that will give you authority online. When your site has a great deal of authority, people will trust your brand, and website. That will raise the domain name authority you have, and it will give you a lot of benefits within search engines. You could very well rank #1 if you are good at this type of marketing.
  • Authority In Content – Let\'s say you owned a skate shop and it had a good blog. You would eventually want to be a guest on skateboard blogs that speak about the industry. As a guest, you could speak about a number of topics, and at the end point to your website. This doesn\'t just give the brand that you\'re representing more power, but you will be giving the audience of that particular blog a signal that you\'re an authority at what is being talked about. This will provide you with more coverage, and traffic overall. When you can showcase to others that you know what you\'re talking about, especially amidst heavy competition, you will end up moving forward for sure.

The two sided coin of guest blogging is not something that you are going to be able to leverage alone. When you have a professional company working with you, you\'re going to end up getting a better range of traffic than if you just sat on your blog and ranted all the time. No matter what industry, you have to build networks that will help you promote your site, and build credibility in your industry.

Link Building:

Aside from guest blogging, link building is an important part of the greater good that comes from working on SEO. When you have a great deal of links pushing through the right elements, you will be seen as a major player in the industry. Search engines today rank a lot of sites based solely on what kind of influence they have within the many websites that they are working with and against. If you focus on establishing the right elements moving forward, your traffic will spike.

If not from the search engines, than from the sites that you\'re linking from. One good example of this is within the world of ecommerce site design. If you carry a certain brand of product, and you get your link posted on the brand\'s website, you will get a lot of traffic. If you have a hard time visualizing this, consider a big brand like Nike. Let\'s say you sold Nike SB, and you wanted to make sure people shopped at your online store. You would need a backlink from Nike\'s main site to your site, and that would send interested people to your page to purchase product. That example is the essence of what link building does for your site. It is a powerful tool, and if you hire a SEO agency, you will get that straightway.

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